The Executive Coaching Process


How can following a process or methodology support strong coaching outcomes?

When a coach follows a structured and flexible process, objectives are created for the coaching, there is a direction and agreed upon outcomes to define success.


This occurs on two levels, individually with the coaching participant and between the coach and the organization when applicable.  During the engagement process, the coach will typically get to know the organization and subsequently the participant through a structured intake discussion. The coach needs to clarify any organizational objectives for coaching as well as any reporting requirements.  It is critical for the coach to explain the confidentiality of the coaching relationship, therefore the coaching participant needs to be comfortable with the information that will be shared. It is recommended practice to include the participant in all meetings where coaching outcomes and progress are discussed with the organization.

Coaching Sessions

The coach works with the participant to establish milestones and individual session objectives.  If other issues are raised and seem important to the participant, the coach re-affirms what the participant really wants to focus on. It is important to note, that the agenda is driven by the participant, so it can change during a session. The coach can take several roles during coaching: thought partner, sounding board, confidante, challenger, mirror etc.


At the end of each session, the coach checks in with the participant to understand what has been achieved in that session, as it relates to the session objective.  The coach will ask the participant what s/he has committed to doing and by when it will be done.  This is critical for outcome achievement and accountability.  The coach will also seek feedback on their coaching, both from the participant and from the organization as appropriate.


Rehana Doobay is the CEO of The Talent Company ( and is responsible for creating, communicating, and implementing the vision, mission, and overall organizational strategy. Rehana also leads The Talent Company’s Leadership and Executive Coaching Practice.

Rehana has over 20 years of experience in corporate HR roles supporting clients in information technology, financial services, retail and sales. Her areas of specialty include organizational effectiveness, leadership, employee development, talent attraction and retention. She previously held the position of Vice President, Human Resources and Chief Talent and Diversity Officer at Shoppers Drug Mart and Vice President, Human Resources at American Express.

Her years supporting Fortune 500 companies across Europe and North America led her to pursue her passion for coaching, gaining certification in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University. She is attentive to the individual needs of her clients and their organizational goals. As a coach, she is able to work with clients to refine a clear roadmap to success that is reflective of their personal potential and business needs. Rehana is committed to helping individuals and organizations reach extraordinary outcomes through coaching and leadership development.

For more information on The Talent Company and our offerings please contact Rehana directly at 1-866-973-9150 or via email at


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