Struggling to find the time to build talent pipelines for your critical roles?


According to our recent study on Talent Acquisition the average Recruiter is recruiting for 28 open positions at one time. That number of open positions per Recruiter rises significantly for larger organizations with many Recruiters responsible for over 50 open positions on average at one time. Recruitment and Talent Acquisition functions are faced with greater expectations from their business leaders with limited headcount, resources and tools. Most organizations continue to be caught in a “post and pray” candidate sourcing practice with a limited capacity to directly engage strong talent in the market.

For the past 5 years, The Talent Company has been one of the market leaders in providing Talent Research and Pipelining solutions to North American organizations. Our team of expert talent researchers work alongside some of the best recruitment minds in the market to deliver our clients a customized solution focused on deep labour market research practices and direct engagement with prospective candidates.

Some of the features and benefits of our Talent Research and Pipelining solutions include:

  • Our solutions reduce our client’s average position time-to-fill by over 40% while increasing their overall quality of hire through an extended pipeline of stronger talent.
  • Our solutions are both scalable and flexible allowing you to leverage our solution when you need it the most – a candidate research tool that can be used as an extension of your recruitment team.
  • Our team of expert talent researchers allow your organization to cast a wider net across the market, significantly expanding your reach for the best talent.
  • We provide our clients with an external unbiased view of the labour market; we deliver labour market intelligence and insights, allowing you to better educate your business leaders on the talent market, enabling your organization to develop better informed talent strategies and make decisions with a broader understanding of the market.
  • Our solution is cost effective and will reduce your third party recruitment agency usage and overall recruitment costs.
  • We enable your organization to build and develop proactive pipelines of prospective talent for key positions across your organization.
  • Our clients own all of the labour market info and prospective candidate data.

For more information on our Talent Mapping and Talent Pipelining solutions, please contact Kathleen Jinkerson at or (416) 342-1979.

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For more information on The Talent Company please visit us at


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